HC420/780TR Cold Rolled Steel Coil

Cold Rolled Steel Coil / Sheet

Cold Rolled Steel Coil

Cold rolled steel is low carbon hot rolled steel rolled at room temperature, below the recrystallization temperature. The steel is then cleaned of oxidized skin and finished through a series of specific rolling finishes to just over the desired thickness, heated to a controlled temperature, and finally rolled to the desired thickness. This produces steel with tight thickness tolerances (+/-.0015" or better) and a variety of controlled surface finishes. The cold rolling process increases the strength and hardness of the steel while reducing its ductility. Cold rolling not only improves mechanical properties, but also provides better control over the shape and final dimensions of the product.

Advantages of cold rolled steel

Improved surface finish
Tighter tolerances than hot rolled steel
Higher dimensional accuracy
Up to 20% higher hardness
Increased yield strength
Increased tensile strength

Industries and Applications

Parts requiring cold forming
Machine parts
Consumer goods

Cold Rolled Steel Coil / Sheet

Difference between hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel

The main difference between hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel is the way they are processed. Hot rolled steel is steel that has been rolled at high temperatures, while cold rolled steel is essentially hot rolled steel that has been further processed with cold also raw material. Here, the material is cooled and then annealed and/or tempered and rolled. Different grades and sizes of steel can be hot or cold rolled.


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