Color Coated Steel Coil

Color Coated Steel Coil

Color Coated Steel Coil

Color coated steel coil is a product made by continuous degreasing of strip on the surface of the production line after chemical treatment, and then the strip coated with organic paint is baked at high temperature.

Its common base materials are hot-dip galvanized and aluminized zinc. Its board paint types are polyester, silicone-modified polyester, polyvinylidene fluoride, high weather-resistant polyester and so on.

The production process has evolved from one coating and one baking to two coatings and two baking. There are also three coating and three baking process. Color coated plate surface can be divided into ordinary coated plate, embossed plate, printed plate.

Color Coated Steel Coil

The main types of color coatings include

Polyester (PE) - based on polyether. Products with this coating are resistant to heat and corrosion; have good color stability, plasticity and longevity; and are available in different colors at reasonable prices. They are used for roof and wall structures, especially for multi-story residential and industrial buildings in different climates.

Matte polyester (PEMA) - It is based on polyether, but has a smooth, matte surface and a slight roughness. This material has a longer service life than PE and offers excellent color stability and mechanical strength. This steel maintains its properties in any climate and can mimic natural materials.

PVDF - Composed of polyvinyl fluoride (80%) and acrylic (20%), PVDF has the highest resistance to any non-mechanical environmental exposure. pvdf is used for wall cladding and roofing; has excellent resistance to water, snow, acids, and alkalis; and will not fade over time.

Plastisol (PVC) - This polymer consists of polyvinyl chloride and a plasticizer. It has a thick coating (0.2 mm), good mechanical properties and weathering resistance, but relatively poor heat resistance and color stability.

Polyurethane (PU) - This coating is made of polyurethane modified with polyamide and acrylic. It offers improved resistance to UV radiation and weather exposure, high strength and long life. Polyurethane is highly resistant to many acids and chemicals commonly found in industrial environments.

Applications of Color Coated Steel Coil

Consumers of color coated steel products include the construction, appliance, furniture, consumer goods and automotive industries.

Color coated coils are most widely used in the construction sector, which consumes more than half of global production. The type of coating is directly dependent on the exposure conditions. Color-coated steel is used in a variety of interior finishing projects and façade elements.

In the manufacture of electrical appliances and consumer goods, standard cold/hot rolled steel for bending and deep drawing and various grades of galvanized steel are used as raw materials for color coatings.

In the automotive industry, color coatings are used for corrosion protection, noise reduction and insulation. The steel is also used in the manufacture of automobile dashboards and windshield wipers, among others.

Industry Application Products
Construction Exterior use construction in Metal shingles, corrugated sheeting, sandwich panels, profiles, etc
Interior use residential buildings Metallic ceilings, skirting boards, decorative panels inside heated and non- heated rooms
Elevators, doors window shutters, shelves,
Manufacture of home appliances, furniture, and consumer goods Home appliances Products used at low temperatures
Appliances for cooking
Appliances for washing and cleaning
Electronics, decoders, audio systems, computers, TV set-top boxes
Commodities Heater frames casings, shelves, radiators,
Metallic furniture, lighting equipment
Automotive industry Car doors, car boots, oil filters, dashboards, windscreen wipers

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