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Galvanized Steel Coil / Sheet

Galvanized Steel Coil

Galvanized steel is represented by cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel coils with a zinc coating that helps protect the steel from atmospheric corrosion. Galvanized steel coils are successfully used in industries where corrosion resistance, durability, strength and appearance are critical, and can be formed or coated with a variety of coatings.

Applications of Galvanized Steel Coil

Galvanized steel coils are widely used in the industries:
In the construction industry: manufacture of low-rise buildings, light steel thin-walled structures, sandwich panels, hot pipe linings and various insulation and conditioning systems, metal roof tiles, pressed panels, culvert pipes, structural elements for entrance door cladding, elevators, PVC window and door reinforcement profiles, plasterboard Euro fasteners, etc.
In the automotive industry: manufacture of external and internal body parts, as well as repair of external public transport body parts, such as buses and trams)
In the machine building and instrumentation industry: manufacture of electrical and mechanical equipment, household appliances, metering devices and housing for packaging
Manufacture of household goods (tableware, bowls, buckets, cans, bathtubs, etc.)
Manufacture of color coated (and other types of coated) rolled steel


Excellent anti-corrosion, paintability, and processability due to the self-sacrificing characterisiticof zinc.
Available to select and produce the desired amount of zinc gilded and in particula enables thick zinc layers.
Classified as either zero spangle or extra smooth depending on wheteher the sheet undergoes skin pass treatment.

Production of Galvanized Steel Coils

Steel coil is a finished steel plate or strip that is rolled and coiled, with the width of the metal plate being greater than its thickness. Steel coils with certain coatings are weather resistant, moisture resistant and environmentally friendly. Steel coils are produced by different processes depending on the desired result.

Hot rolled coils are steel sheets that are rolled at high temperatures to make the steel easier to handle. Due to the quick and easy process, hot rolled steel saves time and costs less to manufacture.
Cold rolled coils have a better finish and are more durable than hot rolled coils. Cold rolling is the process of rolling steel at room temperature below its recrystallization temperature. Although superior to other coils, cold rolled steel can be more difficult to work with due to its higher carbon content.
Galvanized steel coils are made by a hot-dip process in which the metal is dipped into zinc to obtain a smooth coating. The coating provides strong rust protection and extends the life of the steel coil.
Galvanized steel coils, similar to galvanized steel, are made through a hot-dip process in which the metal is dipped into a liquid bath of zinc alloy and then heat-treated in-line. Galvanized steel is typically thinner and easier to paint than other processes.

Galvanized Steel Coil Supplier

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Galvanized Steel Coil / Sheet

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