Reception of Korean Customers

On the morning of May 27, 2023, Hunter Special Steel entertained South Korean customers, Mr. Li and Mr. Jin. The main purpose of this visit is to further deepen our understanding of our company and enhance our cooperation relationship. We hope to improve our cooperation status during the economic downturn, achieve better cooperation results, and lay a solid foundation for becoming a comprehensive partner in the future.


Reception of Korean Customers



During the industrialization period, South Korea focused on developing the automotive industry, which led to the emergence of Korean cars and made them a world-renowned automobile producing country.


Nowadays, there are many well-known brands in South Korea, such as Hyundai Kia, Renault, Daewoo, Shuang long, and other brands. The annual export volume is very large, bringing abundant income to South Korea, becoming an important support for its development and a typical representative of its mechanical manufacturing.


Reception of Korean Customers


During this visit, the senior manager showed the other party the company's development history, product advantages, corporate culture and future strategic planning. During the meeting, both parties not only exchanged views on specific product issues, but also had in-depth discussions on China's great the Belt and Road strategy. Both sides agree that the future of manufacturing is bound to be in China.


Meanwhile, throughout the entire visit, Customers also highly praised Hunter Special Steel's spiritual outlook, as well as its employees' execution and teamwork abilities.

Hunter Special Steel Team is looking forward to working with you for a win-win situation and creating new achievements!

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